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How to SEO Like a Pro: Tips and Tricks

SEO professionals go beyond simply crafting keywords to optimize an entire site to gain the attention it needs to move up in search engine rankings

6 Quick Business Ideas for Online Entrepreneurs

If you dream of being your own boss and creating financial freedom, starting an online business is the logical next step. It is possible to run your

5 Tips for Creating a More Secure Login Page for Your Website

Most websites have some way for a user to create an account and log in. With the numerous attacks available to hackers, it's important for website owners to

Angular JS – SEO Friendly URLs, Indexing & More

Angular JS, a javascript-based web application platform, has been gaining popularity among webpage developers for its single page application (SPA) which

A Complete Guide To WordPress Silo

Many bloggers put a lot of effort into their content and the relevance of the blog post, trying to make it as timeless as possible so that the Google Gods can

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What Users Expect from Your Business Mobile App

When you decide to build a mobile app for your company, it pays to keep in mind the expectations users already have before they even open your app. These

Why It’s Time to Implement Google AMP on Your Site

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) speeds up your site, but it also offers search engine benefits that most site owners don't realize. AMP is a lightweight

What Factors Affect Website Conversion Rates

There is so much hype about website conversion. But how does it impact your business and what do you need to do? Your website conversion rate refers to the

Why Website Owners Should Consider Switching To HTTPS

To understand the need to switch to HTTPS, it is first necessary to understand the difference between standard HTTP and HTTPS.HTTP stands for hypertext

Managed or Unmanaged WordPress Hosting Which One Do You Need

Most people have heard of WordPress, but do you know what kind of hosting you need? Are you new to blogging? Do you know how to maintain WordPress? Do you