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What Users Expect from Your Business Mobile App


When developing a mobile app for your company, there are certain things you need to note to ensure your customers’ expectations are met, and preferably exceeded. Every business app should include these things as they can be the difference between keeping and losing a potential customer. Some of these points are obvious, and you are probably already implementing them. Some of them, not so much. Below are some of the things your customers would expect in your app.

Good User Experience (UX)

When building a mobile app for your customers’, one of the things usually considered is the beauty of the app. The app is usually made to be very good looking to attract people to use it. But often time, the user experience or UX of the app is forgotten. 

While a good UI would attract customers to your application, it’s the quality of the user experience that keeps them. A well-designed mobile app should be easy to interact with and easy to navigate. Familiar design patterns should be replicated on the apps. It should also intuitive to use.


Have you ever had to wait for the search results of a query you entered in an app, or for a page to load, or for a transaction to be completed? If you have, you would know how annoying these experiences can be, especially when your need is urgent. Although such situations can’t be completely avoided due to several reasons like the limitations of the users’ device, poor internet connection, and some other factors, they can be kept to the barest minimum. 

So it’s important you do all you can to make your application as fast as possible. Do a performance analysis of the several mobile development frameworks available so that you choose one that would give you your desired performance. Follow best practices, make your app as light as possible, and you would be on your way to developing a performant mobile application.

Unique Experience

Developing a mobile app that meets all the above-mentioned points is necessary for a standard mobile app. But nowadays developing the  ‘standard’ is no longer enough. You need to go the extra mile to give your users a unique experience on your app, one they might find nowhere else and can always remember your app for. This could be anything from adding animations to adding unique features.


This is an extension of creating a unique experience for your customers. A good way to create a unique experience for your customers is through personalization. If you use the keyboard on your mobile phone long enough, it begins to suggest words that might follow the one you typed based on your past inputs. This an example of personalization. In the same vein, the app should also be customizable and not too rigid. 

Location-based Service

If your mobile app is providing a service that’s unique from place to place, you should make such an app location-aware. Someone living on the equator has no need for winter clothes, so why display that on the person’s feed? A location-aware app would ‘know’ that such clothing items are only needed in temperate regions. This applies to any other thing that’s specific to a location.

Customer Support

Even after doing your best to develop an app that is up to standard, there are no guarantees that your users won’t face issues while using it. So having a customer support page on the app is essential so that the users can communicate their problems to the company and be attended to as soon as is possible. 

It is also a good idea to have a chatbot that can handle simple and common problems to reduce the time your customers have to wait for a response.

In Conclusion…

Your mobile app represents your company’s brand to your customers, therefore, efforts should be made to ensure that it’s well developed. A well developed mobile application can be the difference between a customer choosing your product over a competitor’s. By noting the points listed above, you can rest assured that your customers would stick to whatever service you provide through your app, provided other aspects of your business are okay.

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