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What Users Expect from Your Business Mobile App


When you decide to build a mobile app for your company, it pays to keep in mind the expectations users already have before they even open your app. These expectations have been built up by your competitors and by the current standards for mobile application development. Keep these in mind as you design to ensure your app meets (and exceeds) customers expectations.

They Expect to Find Information (Where they want it.)

A primary reason people use mobile apps is to exchange information with your company, often on the go. Users want to be able to intuitively figure out where they can find the information they are looking for or provide information requested by you. When they can’t see what they need within a few clicks, they may get frustrated and give up. A good designer will keep in mind a logical information hierarchy and layout for your mobile app so that this doesn’t happen.

They Expect Speed

Mobile applications should prioritize speed for busy customers. Keep the application light so that it doesn’t fail to load or take forever to complete a request. The quality of development truly matters since good web developers know the best practices for creating speedy web and mobile applications.

They Expect an Experience

It’s no longer enough to provide an application that does what it’s meant to do. With your mobile app, you have the chance to design an experience that will compliment your brand’s service promise, augment it’s story, and position your company as a provider of high quality in every aspect.

They Expect Personalization

One way to create an experience for users is to get their preferences right. There are various ways to personalize your app, from incorporating customer data to building a suggestion engine within your app.

They Expect Help

Ideally, your mobile app experience will be seamless, and your users won’t experience any problems. But if they do, you can bet that they want help using your app, and now. Chat engines have been gaining in popularity with mobile apps, and it’s a great way to turn frustrated customer experiences into something positive. A chat module also helps you put a human face at the forefront of your brand.

When you get all of these things right with your mobile app, you will not only meet customers expectations, you will wow them. You may not think that mobile app experience makes a big difference between brands, but it indeed can be. If you are in a competitive area where you are always neck and neck with your competitors to improve different parts of your service or product, web and mobile application quality can be a critical thing that sets you apart from other businesses. Showing that you are up to date with technology and can deliver a great mobile experience is just another way to let customers know that you care about their time and energy. Carry on!

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