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Cryptojacking: Illegal Gold Mines On Your PC

Hackers and cybercriminals are continually looking for new ways to make easy money. They have been doing this through various methods like phishing, launching man-in-the-middle attacks and deploying ransomware on their victim's devices.

3 Powerful Local SEO Tactics for Your Website

A website with good organic SEO optimization would rank high in queries like ‘How to make pancakes in 10 minutes.’ But a query like ‘Nearest pancake shop to me’ is different; it has a purchase intent and is location specific, so it is a

11 Qualities Of A Good Website

Users value sites that function as expected, and for this to happen, the site needs to have the right qualities. A good website must possess certain qualities and characteristics. Considering these attributes first before building the

Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting

Linux and Windows Hosting are the two most popular and widely used hosting services, but choosing one when hosting your website can be a daunting task. Linux and Windows hosting services offer quite a lot, but they have their

Improving Your Website Performance

Only a few things can be as sloppy and annoying as a website that loads slowly despite surfing the internet on a 3G or 4G network. A slow website hinders the growth of a company or an organization in subtle ways. If you don’t believe

How To Run A Website On WordPress

In these modern times and with the evolution of the internet and e-commerce, it’s only natural to want to key into the digital gold mine of websites. Also, it’s more than just putting out your product, business, service or content out

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