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What You, as a Business Owner, Must Know About UX Design

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UX Design, UX or user experience design refers to the field concerned with how users perceive and feel about their experiences when interacting with websites, apps, and other digital channels. It looks into user needs and behaviors to increase ease of use and efficiency of completing specific tasks. Sounds simple, right?

Once you start working with your designer, it doesn’t get any simpler. It’s no small task to make your website or app user-centered. You don’t have to be overwhelmed, though. Here are some of the things that you, as a business owner, must know about UX design:

UX Is About Users

It’s not about you or your products, or your website. UX design is about your users. More often than not, business owners and designers alike put too much emphasis on beautiful design and ignore what the users actually want or need. As the business owner, it is you who knows your target audience and customers very well. For example, it is found out that millennials as digital natives have high expectations to user interfaces but are prone to error due to the tendency to multitask. Familiarize your designer with your ideal customers and use what you know about your users to design a website or any digital channel that is tailored to their needs, likes, and goals.

It’s a Process

Moreover, you should also know that UX Design is a process and not an end-product. You cannot say, “All right, we’re done with UX design.” Not one website is user-centered the first time and all the time. For one, design trends and principles tend to change over time. Onetime, the trend is a flat, material web design and then, the trend shifted to modern and avant-garde design. You wouldn’t want to make your website or app appear obsolete so you’ll need to update from time to time. Most importantly, customers’ needs and demands change rapidly. UX design is a process that allows you to create a website or app that is imperfect the first time and then slowly evolves as it delivers true value, great accessibility, and satisfaction to users.

Testing and Customer Feedback

So, how do you know that your UX design process is working? Test it. A/B testing and research are handy during the UX building and design process. You can also compare your website with proven UX design best practices. Aside from testing, you should also listen to customer feedback even right after your website or app has been launched. Customer feedback should be at the core of your UX design process. If customers keep telling you that your site is hard to navigate, you may have to rethink your design.

Your role as the business owner is not just to pay a designer to make sure that your website is user-centered. As the business owner, it is you who knows your target audience the most. In knowing that UX design is about the users, and the UX design is a process where testing and customer feedback matter the most, you can be more involved in building your website or app.

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