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If you’re launching an e-commerce store, you’ll want to make sure that it’s as effective and user-friendly as possible. After all, first impressions are everything. Your store needs to not only look great, but also be well organized, have intuitive navigation so that users can find what they’re looking for quickly and easily, and above all else, have a user experience that makes your customers want to come back again and again. If your goal is to drive sales — rather than just create a cool site for friends and family to peruse — then you need to think about the type of customer you’re trying to attract with your e-commerce store. Do you want an audience who is willing to pay top dollar for premium products? Or do you prefer more bargain-hunting customers who love a good sale? Once you know that, it will be much easier for you to give them exactly what they want from your store.

Organizational Basics

When you’re designing your e-commerce store, think about what products you’ll want to feature. If you run a clothing store, you’ll want to feature clothing, of course. So, you’ll want to feature clothing sections for men, women, and children. You may also want to consider featuring other products in these sections as well, like shoes, accessories, bags, etc. If you’re selling a wide variety of products, such as electronics, books, kitchen appliances, etc., you’ll want to create several different product categories. This will make it easier for customers to navigate your site and find what they’re looking for. It will also make your site look more organized and professional.

User-friendly navigation

Your navigation on the page is crucial to a good user experience. Your e-commerce store visitors should be able to quickly click through to find what they are looking for. Make sure you have a top navigation bar that is clearly labeled and easy to understand. Your navigation bar is often the first thing that visitors to your site see when they come to your site, so it’s important to make it as intuitive as possible. The same goes for your footer — make sure that these two areas of your site are easy to navigate so that your customers can find their way around your site easily.

User-friendly product pages

The product pages are where you have the opportunity to impress your customers. You have a chance to spell out the benefits of your products and make them sound even more appealing than they do in your marketing copy. You also have the chance to include helpful information, like shipping times, return policies, etc. You’ll want to make sure that your product pages are clean, neat, and well-organized. Avoid over-cluttering your page with too many images or too much text. This can make your page look cluttered and confusing to visitors.

Bright and beautiful product photography

Nothing sells a product like beautiful product photography. It’s true — customers judge a product (and a store) by its cover. If your products don’t look appealing, then people won’t buy them. Whereas if your products are beautifully photographed, people will be drawn to them like moths to a flame. This is especially important for higher-priced items. You want to make sure that your customers know exactly what they’re getting for their money. For example, if you’re selling a handbag for $500, it needs to look like it’s worth $500. With product photography, the more detail, and effort that you put into it, the better. Customers are much more likely to purchase products that look professional than they are to buy products that look thrown together at the last minute.


When it comes to designing an e-commerce store, you have the chance to stand out from your competitors. You have the chance to attract a significant number of new customers and make a name for yourself. You have the chance to create an online store that is truly one-of-a-kind — a store that your customers will love and keep coming back to again and again and again. With that being said, it can be a challenge to design an e-commerce store that appeals to everyone. The key is to try to identify your target audience and what they expect from a website. Then, you can design your store accordingly, making sure that it meets all of those expectations.

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