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What Users Expect from Your Business Mobile App

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Having a mobile app is an essential part of running a business these days. Customers spend more time on mobile apps than they do on mobile websites. Users spend 90% of their time on mobile apps. So, you need to have a mobile app for your business.
Now, when you decide to create a business mobile app, there are some expectations you must meet in order to impress users. You have only 3 days to convince your customers that your app is better than the other apps in the market. Most apps lose 77% of its Daily Average Users (DAUs) within the first 3 days after installing the app. This means that you have to put in great effort to convince your mobile app users fast or you risk losing them to your competitors. In doing that, what you have to do is meet the unique expectations of your target audience, that is, create your app to appeal to your customers.

Users Expect Unique Experience

There are more than 2 million mobile apps each on both Apple App Store and Google Play Store. This means that there are multiple apps tending to the same problems. You shouldn’t just create an app that will increase the number of apps on mobile app stores, your app should create a unique solution or create a unique approach for providing solutions.
Your app has to stand out from the rest if it’s going to be remembered. It may surprise you to know that one of the reasons apps get dumped is because users simply forgot about it. So, before creating your business mobile app, do your research, find out what unique value you can provide to your customers. Then create a unique plan on how your app can do that, it doesn’t only help to have a unique value, you have to also make it appealing in an interesting way. This is how you leave a memorable experience in the mind of your mobile app users.

Users Expect Personalization

Many people complain about personalization these days because of giant companies such as Facebook that infringed on user privacy to steal data in order to create personalized experiences. However, personalization is still one of the best solutions customers expect from businesses, particularly if you have a mobile app. No one wants to keep getting random notifications of things they don’t need and don’t like, they will eventually stop using the app altogether.
So, make sure you run regular customers engagement programs that will allow you to know your customers better. Create surveys using tools such as Apptentive Customer Feedback Platform. Don’t just assume you know how each of your customers wants to be served, learn about your customers. You can run regular A/B testings, and group your customers into categories based on their personalities. You can build your app using machine learning and natural language, which will study your customers and will attempt to create an experience based on their personalities.

Users Expect Simplicity

You might be tempted to get creative with your mobile app, thinking that it will impress your target audience. Your target audience is made up of mostly laymen and not tech gurus or developers. They won’t be impressed by how techie your app is, they only want to be able to use your app to solve their problems.
You should also know that app developers often get carried away when creating mobile apps and end up creating a complex app rather than a simple app that will meet user needs. Users want easy navigation, simple design, intuitive features, easy checkout, etc. Basically, they want to be able to use your app without having to ask their techie friends to teach them how to use it. Best believe that they won’t bother to do that because there are multiple apps with the same idea. So, ensure that your app is user-friendly.

Users Expect Optimized Performance

One of the downsides of technology is that we tend to easily get distracted and this has affected our attention span. In other words, people will lose interest if they have to wait for your mobile app because they expect speed. One of the reasons users prefer mobile apps to mobile websites is because of the fast performance they can get on mobile apps. If your app doesn’t provide that speed, you will automatically lose users to your competitors.
Speed can be easily achieved if your app is built on good quality technology. You also need to use the latest techs so that your app will not have issues running on devices with the latest techs. Imagine how useless your app will be if you create an Android app in 2020 but that can only function on Android Jelly Bean.
Additionally, you have to limit your app features and give users only the necessary features they need to enjoy your app while solving their problems. Don’t clog up your app with complex designs and themes, stick to keeping it simple. Lastly, run checks and update your apps regularly to fix bugs that can make your app lag.

Users Want Prompt Response – Active Customer Support

When creating your business mobile app, you should aim for 100% great experience such that your users won’t experience any difficulty using your app. However, you can’t guarantee this 100%, in fact, it is impossible for your app to be completely free of issues. This means that your customers will often need help using your app. You should not only aim to provide help when they need it, but you should also provide help quickly, almost immediately they need it. You can use AI-enabled chatbot which should be available 24/7 every day for this purpose, to take down customer complaints and provide necessary solutions.


Trends and pop culture often influence user expectations. You can include trendy tech features in your app without compromising the performance quality of your app. Some of the trendy techs that users want in 2020 are Augmented Reality (AR), voice search, Artificial Intelligence (AI), among others.
You don’t have to put all that in your app so that you don’t congest your app with features that can distract users from the original purpose of the app. However, you can include any trendy tech that can complement your app and improve user experience. AR and AI are top on our list of recommended tech trends business owners can add to their mobile apps.

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