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Top 4 Web Content Blunders

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Many webmasters ignore their content and focus on promotion and web design instead. But no one will return to your website if they don’t enjoy what they are reading! If you want to discover the most common content mistakes, and how they could cost your website traffic and revenue, keep reading.

Clunky Wording

Online viewers have short attention spans and they will lose interest in articles that don’t flow well. Many webmasters outsource their content, but this means buying articles and blog posts that don’t sound like native English. Even fluent speakers struggle to avoid choppy sentences and awkward wording, and they have mastered the language!

If you outsource, always look for native English speakers that know what your viewers want to read. Active voice, short paragraphs, and strong word choices are all vital for enjoyable and helpful content. Remember, successful websites always try to meet their viewers’ needs.

Buying Cheap

Webmasters want great content at the best prices, but this attitude can backfire if they can’t recognize what valuable content looks like. It is easy to steal and resell content, and many criminals flood marketplaces with copied material. Copyrighting services, like Copyscape, can help you spot stolen content, but that is another extra cost. Instead, form relationships with authors and websites you trust.

Remember, too, that you usually get what you pay for. Cheap content is hard to hide, and once you destroy a viewer’s trust, they avoid your site.

Professional writers usually charge 5 to 30 cents per word of finished content. Newer authors charge less, and you will pay more for articles that need specialized knowledge in a profitable and competitive field.

For instance, almost anyone can write a helpful article on pet care, but fewer people will understand the intricacies of cyber-security. Using keyword tools is a great way to gauge interest in a topic. If a keyword phrase has many keyword searches, and high demand, expect to pay a premium for content featuring it. Authors know what makes a lucrative article and charge accordingly.


No one likes reading web pages stuffed with self-promotion, even though it is a common theme on social media. But just because it is popular, doesn’t mean it works. Always advertise your e-books and other wares tastefully; don’t annoy your audience! Let them know it’s there, but let them decide if they like it or not. You should always be responsive to what your audience interests and requests are.

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