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The Top Four Payment Gateway Options for Your Online Business


Choosing the best payment gateway for your e-commerce business can have a large impact on the efficiency of payments you send and receive. A payment gateway is needed to authorize credit or debit card payments it needs to be fast, secure and appropriate for your business model and location, so choosing the right one for your purposes is an important decision. Here are four of the best payment gateways currently available.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is a popular option for payment gateways due to it’s safe and simple service. There are no additional fees charged by Amazon for the use of it’s gateway, so the security of the transaction is guaranteed. Amazon Payments makes it’s money, like most popular gateways, by taking a small percentage of the amount transferred.

Amazon Payment’s real strengths lie in it’s ubiquity. The service is available in many languages and payments can be made in almost all major currencies. The universal usability of Amazon Payments means it is a leader in the payment gateways market.


PayU was created by an Indian corporation that specializes in payment processing, and their collective expertise has helped bring a successfully (utilitarian product to the market. PayU can be used on any application or website; even associated third-party systems can benefit from the use of Pay U.

With exceptionally low conversion rates between currencies and a clear and functional user Interface, PayU has become a popular option for many e-commerce businesses. The gateway stores credit vault information to facilitate repeat transactions by removing the need for customers to key In their CW more than once.


Authorize.Net is one of the oldest and most popular payment gateways still in operation. Nearly half a Trillion merchants use Authorize. Net partly for it’s ability to create and manage individual user accounts.

Authorize.Net is suitable for e-commerce operations of all sizes and it accepts a wide range of cards and payment methods Including digital payment options such as PayPal and Apple Pay. The gateway also supports the option of making payments via telephone input. Authorize.Net is still one of the world’s payment gateways due to Its wide one of the world’s payment gateways due to it’s wide availability and it’s inherent flexibility.


PayPal is another of the most well-known payment gateways due to it’s wide-spread use as a payment option for both personal and business transactions. PayPal’s popularity is partly down to the fact that buyers can use it for free and there is no setup charge or monthly fee.

PayPal also increases your online trust by a small factor due to their buyer protection. People are well accustomed to them so they won’t have second thoughts on proceeding with your order.

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