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Scaling Your Website


Websites can’t always predict their own success. It only takes one post to go viral, and webmasters aren’t always ready for a sudden boost in popularity. Thankfully, they can be if they follow the advice below!

Scale Vertically

Webmasters hate feeling powerless. Using a hosting site with vertical scaling means you have an easy fix when your traffic numbers start spiking: upgrading your plan.

You should keep in mind that hosting services have limits. New webmasters can usually get away with shared hosting, but having a dedicated server could become a necessity as your traffic grows.

Work With A Web Designer

New traffic and revenue means webmasters can start fantasizing about upgrades. But every delay means they aren’t pleasing their customers, or themselves. This is why working with a designer is so important.

Designers not only know how to add new elements and pages to websites, but also how to build versatility into their designs. This saves time when you add upgrades, and their advice alone is invaluable when you are deciding how to change a growing website.

Web designers specialize like any other profession. If you think your website will explode in popularity, work with someone who knows how to handle the transition. Going over potential scenarios not only helps you test their knowledge, but can also lead to a scaling plan that works, including quick fixes for any surprising problems.

Know How To Monetize

Webmasters love their visitors and want to keep them happy. But there are costs to running a website, especially if it is growing faster than they expected. If webmasters don’t monetize as they grow, they risk losing visitors who expect a better experience.

Of course, some webmasters can afford to upgrade their site without monetizing, but others will only upgrade if their site generates enough steady revenue. It is always a good idea to know how you will monetize as your website grows. Creating a list of contacts and strategies means you can adjust quickly, and knowing what you will do can help you stay calm once your website goes viral.

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