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Internet Governance: Questions and Biases

It is widely theorized that the Internet's creation, inception, and implementation have increased global interaction, impacting the daily lives of many global citizens. The Internet provides a myriad of online spaces of interaction that

10 Viral Marketing Tips for Twitter Users

Every marketer dreams of having their content go viral, particularly in the earlier stages of their campaigns while they wait for website traffic to start coming in from the search engines. With more than 300 million monthly active users,

Four Fast Ways to Grab the Attention of Search Engines

You've just bought a great domain name. You've worked hard on designing, organizing, and uploading your new website. It's attractive and packed with useful information about golden geese and how to steal them from suspicious giants who

Clickbait and Why It’s Best to Avoid It on Your Blog

According to TechCrunch "Clickbaiting is the intentional act of over-promising or otherwise misrepresenting — in a headline, on social media, in an image, or some combination — what you're going to find when you read a story on the web."

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