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Scaling Your Website

Nobody can give one specific formula for a website being successful; hence, it is highly unpredictable. However, the chances of gaining popularity are always there, and it takes just one post to break the internet. Due to the

Choosing Images for Your Website

Web pages are boring without images; even technical blogs. But using graphics that slow down your website's load times is just one mistake webmasters make. Continue reading if you want to fill your website with images that entertain

Making an Effective Business Blog

Everything a business ventures into should be done with a desire for effectiveness and the hunger to see positive results. This applies to all aspects of the business, including the business's blog. As a business owner, questions such

Advantages of Hosting Your Application on a CDN

Traditional hosting providers are great for small blogs or websites that don't have a lot of traffic, but content delivery networks (CDNs) pick up where traditional hosting falls. CDNs provide much better performance and protection

How to determine when a user is using a proxy

There are many reasons for a person to make use of a proxy connection, while cyber-security foul play is one well-known reason for using proxies; it is not always the case. However, for forensics, it is crucial that you analyze

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