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New Facebook Mobile Ad Updates Offers Less Space For Marketers

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During Facebook’s April 2019 conference, the social network unveiled a new design called the FB5. The FB5 is designed to be smarter, more organized, simpler, more readable and faster, but most importantly to cater to communities. Facebook also updated its ads and Page posts policies for the mobile News Feed. As a result, a couple of changes in the mobile ads policy are being implemented since August 2019.

The updated changes for mobile ads:

  • The maximum height for pictures have been reduced: previously, the supported ratio for pictures was 2:3, now the highest aspect supported is 4:5. The highest aspect for image ads with links is still 1.91:1 to 1:1 ratio.
  • Shorter lines of text are being shown: previously, users can see up to 7 lines of text without having to click to expand, now it has been reduced to 3 lines of text. Hence, users will have to click to expand if the text of a mobile ad is longer than 3 lines.

Also, two updates became effective from September 2019.

  • Duplicated ads or new ads are automatically shown in aspect 4.5.
  • Unedited ads with media higher than 4.5 ratios are no longer boosted.

Now, while these updates don’t affect all Facebook ads, the updates are still enough to cause a bit of disruption for marketers.

How The FB5 Updates Affect Marketers

By now, which is months later, most marketers would have adapted to the aspect ratio changes. Images are now smaller, well, reduce the text on the images, reduce text font and reduce the size of the object displayed on the image. Simple right? However, that’s not all. The text attached to the ad that will be visible to users has also been reduced to 3 lines. What this means for marketers is that they have slimmer chances of getting users attention. 3 lines may not be enough to get your message across in a convincing way.

How To Maximize the FB5 Updates As a Marketer

As a marketer, these limitations shouldn’t stop you from creating an impression on your target audience. All you have to do is be more straight to the point; use precise CTA, shorter sentence structure, and memorable words. Now that you know how to create an impression, the important thing is to generate clicks since making sales is the ultimate goal. With these few tips, you will not only create impressions on Facebook users but also generate loads of clicks.

Use Outstanding Images for your Ads

As you know, Facebook is a social network with users who enjoy looking at pictures — this is a human attribute generally not just Facebook culture. So, make your image pop, make it shine. The text is secondary, the image is what users will see first before deciding to read the text on your ad, so make it outstanding. In fact, according to a Facebook study, image-only ads perform better when it comes to generating unique traffic. Remember that Facebook is a people platform, hence, product images will naturally appear off. This is why no matter what kind of product you’re looking to advertise, you should add people to your image,
Lastly, never compromise on the quality of the images you want to use for your ads. Low-quality images mean substandard products or services and that means you are creating the opposite kind of impression, the kind that doesn’t lead to clicks nor sales.

Don’t Use Excess Words for your Image Text

The image text is not the caption that will be displayed at the top or bottom of the image, the one we mentioned above. The image text is the very limited words that are on the image itself. A Facebook study recommends that the image text should not be more than 20% of the image. Why? Well, because Facebook image ads that use less than 20% of the image for the image text perform better.
Besides doing what’s best for your ads, Facebook also doesn’t want you to bore their users with words, so if your image text is too wordy, the post may get rejected. If you are not sure when creating your ad, you can check your image with Facebook image text tool before creating the boosted post.

Create Multiple Ads For Each of your Campaign

Now that the visible text allowed on a boosted post has been reduced to 3 lines, it has become more difficult to get the attention of the target audience. The best solution will be to increase the number of ads for each campaign. If 3 ads used to be enough to get impressions and clicks, now you have to double it. Why? Well, making the target audience of your ads see the same limited set of ads over and over again will not yield the kind of results you want. Instead, it will bore them and they will be annoyed when they come across any of the ads.
Running multiple ads for a campaign will give you room to be creative. You can use each ad to focus on different aspects of the product or service you are marketing. As a result, the target audience will be impressed when they stumble on the ads.

Facebook Has Made Some New Update this 2020

Facebook rolled out some new updates in January. The updates focus on Facebook Messenger, Page Management History, Political Ads, and Special Category Ads.

  • Political Ads Update: Users can now reduce the social and political ads they see on Facebook and Instagram.
  • Special Category Ads Update: this category includes ads for employment, housing, credit opportunities and other related topics. Starting from February 11, US marketers who run campaigns on this category will have to properly categorize their ads. They are also required to point out active special category campaigns that have been running before December 4, 2019. The marketers affected by this update will have to update their target settings in order to comply with the updated standards.


As a Facebook marketer, you should be used to the updates already, don’t let the updates reduce your productivity. Use the highlighted tips to improve your strategies.

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