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Linux Hosting Vs. Windows Hosting

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Linux and Windows Hosting are the two most popular and widely used hosting services, but choosing one when hosting your website can be a daunting task.

Linux and Windows hosting services offer quite a lot, but they have their differences. Before delving into the differences between these two hosting services, you need to understand what they are.

What is Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting?

Linux hosting is a hosting service that makes use of the Linux operating system on its server. The Linux hosting service is one of the most common and widely used hosting services for reasons we will examine shortly.

Windows hosting, on the other hand, is a hosting service that makes use of the Windows operating system on its server. Windows hosting is the least used web hosting service due to its cost and limited support for some programming languages widely used in web development.

Differences between Linux and Windows Hosting

The differences between Linux and Windows hosting are numerous. It’s not enough making a choice based on these differences; the technologies used in developing your websites should be the most significant factor.

Here are the differences between Linux and Windows hosting based on the following factors:

  • Case-sensitivity
  • Stability
  • Security
  • Costs
  • Configuration


Linux servers are case sensitive while Windows servers are not case sensitive.

The case sensitivity of files stored on hosting services is vital because web applications consist of files, and you’ll be accessing the files through the file names.

If you store different content on files with the same name but with mixed case, for example, HelloWorld.html and hellOwOrld.html, then a Linux hosting should be your top choice.

But if you don’t care about case sensitivity, then a Windows hosting service should be your choice. It’s best practice to use distinct names for your files to ensure consistency.


When it comes to stability, Linux hosting is widely preferred. Linux servers are secure and stable when compared to Windows servers as they can maintain multiple processes without breaking down. Running multiple processes on Windows servers might lead to lagging or server breakdown.

If you do care about an average of 99% uptime, then a Linux server should be your choice.


Security is always to be considered when choosing a hosting service.

Linux servers offer more security than Windows servers, as Windows servers are more prone to attacks. Linux servers can be “hardened,” to make them even more secure.


If you tend to worry about costs, then running on a Linux server should be your choice. For as little as $5 per month, you can start hosting on a Linux server.

Windows hosting service, on the other hand, are not that cheap, you will have to pay for the license and additional fees to have your website set up on a Windows server. Simply put, a Windows hosting service is costly.


In terms of configuration, the Windows hosting service is easier to set up. For beginners and non-Linux operating system users, working with a Linux hosting server might seem strange due to the lack of GUIs.

Benefits of the Linux and Windows Hosting Service

The following are the advantages of using a Linux Hosting service:

  • Linux hosting is affordable: It is cost effective and still offers a lot of value at a cheap rate.
  • Linux offers security: Linux is very much reliable when it comes to security. If you are worried about being attacked or hacked, then settle for Linux hosting. Linux servers are vulnerable to attacks but are better than Windows servers.
  • Linux uptime rate is remarkable: You need not worry about server failure and sorts. Linux load time is also remarkable. It can never become as sluggish as Windows hosting service is despite the number of processes you run.

The following are the advantages of using a Windows Hosting Service:

  • Best for Dot net framework websites: Windows hosting service remains the ideal choice for websites developed with the Dot net framework or VB.Net.
  • Windows servers are easy to use: It’s easy to operate and configure Windows servers especially for beginners when compared with Linux hosting service.
  • Amazing support: Windows hosting service possess exclusive support and compatibility with Microsoft access database. If you are thinking of hosting a Microsoft access database, then a Windows hosting service is your best shot.


With a clear view on what Linux and Windows hosting service are, coupled with the differences and benefits each hosting service offers you, you should be able to decide which hosting service is suitable for your website.

However, do note that selecting a hosting service is highly dependent on the technologies used in developing your website. If you are using PHP or other scripting languages, then a Linux hosting is the way to go, and if you are using the Dot Net framework, then Windows hosting service is what you should settle for.

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