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How Video Content Can Improve Your SEO

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According to a recent Cisco study, video content will generate 81% traffic on the internet by 2021, that is, most internet users will prefer videos to any other content on the internet. Therefore, whether your line of business involves using video content or not, you need to follow the trend because the preference for video content invariably means that video content can improve your SEO.

How Videos Generate Quick SEO Results

Google Favors Video Content

When people enter their queries on Google, Google searches for the best and most relevant answers available for their queries. Google AI is aware that videos are better for communicating ideas to people than text, and of course, websites with more domain authority make the first page but if you pay attention you would find that there is more. Google shows ”suggested clips” that are related to the queries, telling the person searching that there are some websites that answered their query using a quality video. These suggested clips are called rich snippets, and with the success rates, it’s clear that video content can improve your SEO.
To make videos generate quick SEO results for your website, include metadata with meta titles, meta descriptions and meta tags in your videos when you embed them in your website. Make the thumbnail eye-catching to attract people. Lastly, you need to inform Google of the videos, do this by adding schema.org code on your webpage and submit an XML video sitemap for your page.

People Love Videos

If you ask smartphone users which one they prefer between articles, infographics and videos, 90% of them will choose videos. It gets more interesting because right now smartphone audience dominates internet traffic, they are more than the number of people who surf the internet through a laptop or desktop computer, and the Cisco study says the number will increase by 2022 with only 18% internet traffic coming from non-smartphone users. The widely used content marketing done for SEO is text – articles, but the challenge is that reading is boring for a lot of people and they will rather watch videos of what they need to learn about than reading. Besides, visual learning is more effective hence, videos generate quick SEO results.
To reach more people, make 1 – 2 minutes quality videos (max 4 minutes) regularly, transcribe the videos and have them embedded in your website. It’s better that way to generate backlinks to your website. Ensure that your videos are made to evoke emotions in people, it can be pleasure, fulfillment, etc, as long as people get satisfaction from the videos. So, if you’re funny, put your humor to good use even as you teach them how to do something or review a movie or a gadget, etc. Share the videos on social media platforms, don’t cross-share, do native uploads instead, you want all the traffic to come directly to your website.

Video Content Can Improve Your Bounce Rate

One of the standards Google use to evaluate website success which determines how the website will rank on SERPs is bounce rate. How long do people remain on your website before they leave? Video content generates quick SEO results by increasing what Bing calls Dwell time. The longer they stay, the better because it means your website has valuable contents that meet their needs. Good quality video content can improve your SEO because people will stay longer on your website thereby reducing your website bounce rate. With a lower bounce rate and higher dwell rate, your website will rank high on SERPs.

Video Content Can Improve Your Conversion Rate

SEO is not only about generating traffic, but it is also important that your SEO strategy improves ROI because the ultimate goal is to make a profit. You can’t generate high ROI if your SEO doesn’t lead to high conversion but video content can improve your SEO and make it more effective. Video content has the potential to increase your conversion because of the click-through rate (CTR) of video content is 41% more than text content. In fact, recent Hubspot statistics show that online shoppers are 2x more likely to make a purchase after watching product videos.
With great videos that meet the needs of your target audience by evoking emotions in them, they will buy the idea, product or service you’re selling. Videos generate quick SEO results because they have higher conversion rates and ROI than all other content.

Remember, to make your videos generate quick SEO results always add CTA, encourage viewers to comment, like and share.

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