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How to prevent Damage associated with Excavator plus Backhoe simply by Rock Breaker?

Because the particular hydraulic stone breaker is definitely fast reciprocating impact motion, the speed associated with oil come back is quick and the comparable pulse is definitely large, which usually results in the particular acceleration associated with hydraulic essential oil aging. Consequently , it is necessary to keep the excavator correctly and employ it properly, which could effectively extend the lifespan of the hydraulic system.

Use High-Quality Hydraulic Rock breaker (with accumulator)

The poor quality hydraulic rock breaker is susceptible to problems within design, produce, inspection, along with other procedure. It is possible to cause excavator damage due to the high failing rate being used.

Appropriate motor speed (medium throttle)

Due towards the lower dependence on hydraulic rock and roll breaker upon working stress and essential oil flow (such as 20-ton excavator, functioning pressure 170-210KG, oil stream 120-180L/MIN), the particular medium accelerator can work. When the excavator is certainly stepped upon, it will not just increase the influence strength but additionally cause a good abnormal temp rise associated with hydraulic essential oil, which will furthermore cause excellent damage to the particular hydraulic program.

Hydraulic rock and roll breaker along with excavator

Correct butter position, frequency, quantity

Make sure to include lubricating oil every two hours under the situation of mill, the oil will your cylinder. Irregular high pressure essential oil will your hydraulic program and harm the hydraulic pump throughout the striking.

Hydraulic oil circulation and pollution

Because the air pollution of hydraulic oil is among the main reasons resulting in the failing of hydraulic pumps, it is vital to confirm the particular pollution position of hydraulic oil with time, (Replacement associated with hydraulic essential oil every 600 hours plus replacement of pistil core every single 100 Hours) lack of hydraulic oil may cause cavitations trend, resulting in hydraulic pump failing, scratching the particular piston plus cylinder associated with hydraulic rock and roll breaker, and so forth

Recommendation: Verify oil degree before make use of.

Replace Essential oil Seal within Time

The essential oil seal is really a vulnerable component. it is suggested how the oil close off should be changed once with regard to working 600-800 hours from the hydraulic stone breaker. Once the oil close off leaks. This must quit hydraulic breakers working instantly and substitute the essential oil seal. Or else, dust can easily your hydraulic program and harm the hydraulic system as well as the hydraulic tube.

Keep the particular Oil Pipeline Clean

Before setting up the hydraulic breaker pipeline, it must be completely cleaned plus circularly docked with the intake and exhaust oil sewerlines. When changing the container, the hydraulic breaker pipeline must be clogged to keep the particular pipeline thoroughly clean. Or, fine sand and other harmful particles are easy to harm the hydraulic pump when they enter the hydraulic system.

Preheat the Hydraulic System Just before Use

Because utilize the hydraulic essential oil of the top part can flow towards the lower component when the hydraulic breaker is certainly parked, it is strongly recommended that little throttle ought to be used to run every day once the hydraulic breaker is first utilized. After the essential oil film from the piston obstruct of the hydraulic breaker is usually formed, the particular medium accelerator should be utilized to operate once again, which can run the excavator hydraulic program.

Install Filtration system Element

The hydraulic breaker used in demolition is more often damaged towards the main push then within mine. Once the hydraulic breaker is used intended for demolition, the particular dust very easily enters the particular cylinder together with the chisel, leading to the air pollution and fast aging associated with hydraulic essential oil. Therefore , it is strongly recommended to install the particular filter aspect in the come back oil routine.

Avoid Empty Firing

Blank shooting will not only trigger the increase of essential oil temperature but additionally make irregular vibration, that will lead to pollutants entering the particular cylinder, therefore blank shooting is firmly prohibited. It is strongly recommended to choose the anti- blank shooting hydraulic breakers.

Unload You should definitely in Use

When the hydraulic breaker is usually stored for a long period, the mill should be not loaded first, as well as the nitrogen fuel in the back again head ought to be released to help make the piston top-to-end, so as to avoid the exposed through rusting or even scratching after which damage to the primary engine tube.

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