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How To Create An Effective Landing Page

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After doing all the essential marketing strategies, guest blogging, PPC, social media marketing, email marketing, etc., conversion is not guaranteed until you create an effective landing page. Of course, you will get traffic but without an effective landing page that is built to convert visitors, all your efforts will generate little to no results. So, how do you make sure that many of the visitors who come to your landing page do what you want them to do?

The Design
Make use of bright colors, not more than four. Write important details such as the CTA in big fonts and in a different color from the background, let it stand out. Use a high-quality image to convey the message. The overall look of an effective landing page should be minimalistic.

Be Consistent
For instance, if you send a newsletter to your email list about a promo you’re doing, when they click, your landing page should be about the same promo. Don’t deceive them with a click bait. Some people use Home Page as their landing page, this is not a good strategy because it’s a one-size-fits-all attempt and it doesn’t work.

Mobile Friendly
About 30% of internet activity come from smartphones, and according to Google, 53% of people who visit a website leave after 3 seconds if the website doesn’t load. No matter how great the page is if no one waits to see it, your efforts would be wasted. Therefore, if you want an effective landing page, keep the weight under 500kb. By doing so, the page will load fast, it will load fully on both high-end and cheap smartphones, and it will load on old computers.

Keep It Simple
Don’t confuse them. You already have their attention, now don’t lose it with distracting pop-ups, images slideshow, gifs, etc. Hide your navigation button, they don’t need to see it, except you want them to click it, wander off and forget why they came to the page. Don’t tell them any story about your services. Edit and edit and edit again, cut out anything that’s not extremely important and use as few words as possible to pass the message. Don’t write jargon.

Social Proof
An important part of marketing is showing that you can be trusted, so get testimonials from your clients and put them on the page, not too many, three is enough. You can write ”served more than 5000 clients” if you’ve actually done so. If you’ve partnered with or provided a service to popular brands like Google, IBM, etc., or been featured on CNN or Forbes, upload their trust badges.
If you’re just starting and don’t have any of these, you can add your credentials to show that you can provide the service you’re advertising. You can mention the school you finished from, anything to prove that you can be trusted. Don’t add too many, and ensure that they’re greyed out and placed at the bottom of the page in small fonts to avoid distracting people.

Don’t Demand Too Much
They shouldn’t have to scroll down to read the content of your landing page. Guess what? They won’t, they’ll rather leave, so make sure that all the important information are visible.
Secondly, if there’s a form to fill, make it short, just a name and email is enough, no need for a birth date, address, etc.

Offer Value
Before you ask them to fill a form or sign up, give them something valuable. They won’t give you their email addresses if they don’t think you will be useful for them. Don’t try to force them to give you by blocking the page, they’d rather leave your website. Offer free Ebooks, discounts, webinar invites, etc., whatever the consumer in your line of business needs. To make it more effective, you can add a deadline so that they will quickly make up their mind.

This is the most important part of an effective landing page, be creative but make it concise and clear. For instance, if you provide web hosting services, your CTA can be a clickable ”Start Hosting”, if you are a marketer, your CTA can be ”Get Free Consultation on How to Improve Your Marketing”, also clickable or you provide an option for them to enter their email.

Bonus Tip
Have More Than One Landing Page: It is better to have multiple landing pages so that you can personalize each for different visitors, such as male or female products. Having more than one effective landing page can increase your conversion rate.

Remember, you have only 8 seconds to make a visitor click-through or sign up, so, win them over with an effective landing page.

Source Hubspot Think With Google
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