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6 Tips for Revamping Your Website’s Homepage

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The homepage of your website is the welcome page or screen for your potential clients. It is the first thing your new visitors will get to see often; hence, it has to be as good as possible.

You should always try to make a great first impression, because the first thing they get to see will form their thoughts or ideas of your company’s ideals and identity.

Every business should strive to be better, near perfection. Therefore, it is important that the home page or the entire website is revamped as often as needed to make the experience better or provide the visitors with a fresh feel.

There are various tips and tricks you can use to get the maximum effect from revamping your site; in this article, you’ll learn about six of them.

They are:

  • Use Custom Photos Over Stock Photos
  • Use Color as a Branding Opportunity
  • Find out What Works
  • Add a Slide Show
  • Add Animations
  • Functionality is Key

Use Custom Photos Over Stock Photos

It is often tempting to make use of stock photos for your website as they are easy to get or relatively cheap; hence, they can be found on a lot of sites and are not unique. Using unique images for your website will yield immense benefits and improve the professionalism of your website.

One way to go about getting images is to take the photos yourself or have a graphics designer create amazing images for you. The use of custom images provides your website with a unique and authentic feel.

Use Color as a Branding Opportunity

Talk about the uniqueness of your website: the use of certain colors for your website also provides it with a unique feel.

Your business becomes known for those colors; then they become part of the brand and are included in other graphics for the business such as the graphics designs or illustrations.

You can choose these colors from the business’s logo, the color of the main product or the color commonly found on the advertising material.

When these colors appear boldly on your homepage, it helps to foster your brand’s identity. Soon enough, customers will start associating those colors with your company or product.

Find out What Works

Many organizations have put in huge resources to find out what impact different colors, fonts, layouts, etc. have on customers.

Although it might be tempting to try out a new and unique font, you may first want to find out what customers think about it. Do some research and find out what people have tested, what worked, and what didn’t.

Add a Slide Show

An image is worth a thousand words; hence, you can pass across lots of messages to your visitors through the images on the site.

One way to do this is to stack the images on the site, but this will be less visually appealing. You can instead create a slideshow that will have all the images you wish to include on the home page, such that they look beautiful and attractive to the visitor.

A slideshow makes it easier and faster for customers to see what your business is about.

Add Animations

Animations can also add to the beauty and uniqueness of your website. Having the right animations can make a huge difference as they can quickly capture the user’s attention, leading to a better experience for them.

Animations have been shown to increase engagement and interaction, but you shouldn’t go overboard with the animations you choose as too many animations will cause the page to load slowly.

Functionality is Key

The appearance of your website is important. But, the visitors will only get pissed off if after getting impressed by the page’s design, the site’s functionalities do not work as expected.

You should ensure that the buttons on the page work as expected and there are no dead links either. Asides from on-page functionality, you should be concerned about the load speed of the site as it will negatively affect user’s experience if it takes too long to load.


It is nice and recommended to revamp your website once in a while, but it has to be done strategically.

Have you revamped your site before? What tips did you use to get the best out of it? Share it in the comments section.

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