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2021 Exploration Up-date for San Javier

Canuc Sources Corporation (Canuc or the Company) (TSX-V: CDA) (OTCQB: CNUCF) is very happy to provide a Dec 2021 upgrade on the search program presently in progress on the Companys San Javier Ag-Au Project within Sonora Condition, Mexico. Within 2020 Canuc carried out an extremely successful sample program on surface and shallow subterranean workings that will identified several high-bonanza quality silver incidences hosted simply by magnetite having veins plus hydrothermal breccia bodies. The drone-supported magnet survey has been completed past due in the season and had been accompanied by reconnaissance scale geological mapping. Many large permanent magnet anomalies had been identified plus targeted with regard to drill tests. In Feb of 2021, a gemstone drill has been mobilized in order to San Javier to be used on the long-term as-needed basis along with plans in order to systematically assess the high concern targets. Going has proceeded slower compared to anticipated due to equipment plus logistical problems which have been amplified by covid-related complications. The particular drill managed for 102 days throughout the period Feb 11 in order to December one, 2021, finishing 1, 753 metres within 4 openings. From this going, 964 examples were gathered and posted for assay. Summaries from the geology plus intersections for that first three or more holes had been announced within an earlier seo press releases (October 12, 2021). 2021 Current Pit SJ-21-04 Focusing on Copper Invasive Hole SJ-21-04 is being drilled near the middle of the real estate and has been originally made to test an extensive magnetic abnormality interpreted to become at a level of 300 m. The particular hole came into a area consisting of stockwork quartz plus calcite veining, hydrothermal breccia and extremely fractured plus veined hornfels (contact metamorphic rock) from 304 meters and carried on in this materials to the current level of 1, 023. 5 mirielle where it really is temporarily hanging awaiting mobilization of a bigger rig to get continuation in order to depth. Assay results from the low part of the pit are impending. Veining within the hole included from three or more to 10% sulphides plus included pyrite, pyrrhotite plus chalcopyrite. Assay results are received to some depth associated with 912 mirielle typically within 2 metre sample measures. Values regarding Au went from < zero. 005 in order to 0. 151 g/t Au; < zero. 3 g/t Ag; five to 1, 781 ppm Cu; and 1 ) 0 in order to 27. 5% Fe. This particular hole has been continued in depth to a prospectively mineralized invasive which is considered to be the source from the contact metamorphism evidenced within recovered primary. 2021 Substantial San Javier Mineralogy Determinations Since chalcopyrite has been noticed throughout gap SJ-21-04, an example was posted to Laboratorio Nacional sobre Geoquimica con Mineralogia, Instituto de Geologia, Universidad Nacional Autnoma sobre Mxico within Hermosillo pertaining to identification from the XRF technique. The prominent sulphide determined was pyrrhotite with lower amounts of pyrite, chalcopyrite plus putoranite (a Cu-Ni-Fe-sulphide). Putoranite is not an ordinary copper-iron nutrient in normal porphyry debris but instead much more often related to magmatic associated deposits (which could consist of magmatic-hydrothermal IOCG deposits). The particular detection associated with putoranite will be less appropriate when regarded as in solitude, than whenever considered within the context from the significant acquiring of magic halide prominence as documented in Aug of this yr (see online press release service August four, 2021). Within August 2021 it was documented that (~73%) of the magical minerals available at San Javier are sterling silver halides (such as AgCl, AgBr, AgI and AgFl) while an inferior relative proportion (~27%) had been found to become Acanthite (Ag2S). This relatives weighting within silver mineralogy is not typical for magic deposits within the Western UNITED STATES and South america but will be consistent with gold mineralization that could be associated with IOCG deposit varieties. 2021 Brand new Gold Area Approximately 11. 2 kilometres of drill down and trench access streets were finished during the year. One such roads experienced bedrock including stockwork quartz veining plus hydrothermal breccia. A strong southwest trending construction containing precious metal mineralization had been identified together a hit length of greater than 3 kilometres (see information releases August 28, 2021, and April 12, 2021). The area was prospected, and a number of trenches had been cut in right sides to the framework along the 1 kilometres section. An overall total of 672 channel examples were gathered from ditches and roadcuts within this region. Gold ideals from these examples ranged from < 0. 005 to 3 or more. 18 g/t; silver through < zero. 3 in order to 169 g/t; and water piping from five ppm in order to 2 . 85%. Numerous wide intervals along with elevated precious metal and water piping values had been discovered in this first one km area including: Street near Trench 1: 14. 5 meters @ zero. 47 g/t Au, zero. 37% Cu. Trench one: 56 meters @ zero. 305 g/t Au. Trench 2: 26 m @ 0. 212 g/t Au. Trench 2A: 10 mirielle @ zero. 195 g/t Au. Trench 3: 13 m @ 0. 16 g/t Au, 0. 48% Cu. This particular initial sample program offers tested a location of approximately one km from the 3 kilometres strike duration of this area, and burning has up to now been restricted to regions of relatively easy accessibility. The work system was performed by a 5-person crew. Along with drill guidance, logging plus sampling, around 365 person-days were used on geological umschlüsselung and 440 person-days had been spent gathering rock examples from outcrop, trenches plus old subterranean workings. An overall total of 1, 305 rock examples were gathered and assayed from the brand new gold area and from all other zones within the property. 2021 High Grade Silver precious metal Confirmation The particular 2021 sample program integrated 30 examples collected through known magnetite bearing potential clients in the north part of the home. These examples were gathered to confirm high grade silver precious metal mineralization through previous sample as well as to search for this mineralization on the Companys newly obtained claims. Twenty three (23) station samples hitting 0. seven m broad were gathered from websites on the Companys claims that were previously tested. The new examples assayed as much as 1 . 672 g/t Au, 1, 877 g/t Ag and six, 823 ppm Cu (see Table one for details). These answers are very similar to comes from previous sample and verify the high-grade nature of those zones. 7 (7) station samples hitting 0. almost eight m wide were gathered from aged mine operation found on lately acquired states (claims obtained in 2021). These examples contained significant values within Au (u

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