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11 Qualities Of A Good Website


Users value sites that function as expected, and for this to happen, the site needs to have the right qualities.

A good website must possess certain qualities and characteristics. Considering these attributes first before building the site saves cost and time in the long run. Planning is an essential to building a great website.

In this article, you’ll learn about eleven qualities a website should possess, so you can keep them in mind and implement them on your website.

Here’s a list of the qualities to be discussed:

  • Responsiveness
  • Content
  • Load Time
  • Design
  • Contact Form
  • Call to Action
  • Compatibility
  • Error Page
  • Security
  • SEO


How responsive is your website? Being able to answer this question correctly is one of the qualities a good website should possess. You are building for your users, and your users do not all use a single device. Building a website that is responsive across devices is crucial to creating a fantastic user experience.


Content is king they say, and it’s true. Apart from a beautiful and responsive website, the next thing that makes it of good quality is the content provided. Your design won’t be of much value if you are not sending a clear message to your users.

Evaluate how good or bad your content writing skills are. If you feel they are below average, then hiring a content writer wouldn’t be a bad idea. Take your website content seriously; they are the main qualities of a website that ensure a user keeps visiting.

Load Time

Your website loading time is another factor to take watch out for. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, then you have a problem to fix. Users are impatient and do not expect your users to wait the whole day to make your website load.

The average load time of your website is one of the qualities that make an excellent website. Optimize your website to ensure it doesn’t take too long to load.


You shouldn’t take the appearance of your website lightly. A good looking lady attracts a lot of suitors, so does a good looking website attract a lot of users.

Work on enhancing your website design and do consider colors. If you are terrible at designs and colors, then hire a UI/UX designer to do the work for you.

Contact Form

Your website should include a contact form. A working contact form precisely.

Do not build a contact form that does nothing; this will have a negative effect. Users rely on your contact form to make complaint or suggestions to you, and if the contact form isn’t functioning on the backend, then you are losing a lot of feedback to help make your website better.

Call To Action

To complete a sale, you sometimes have to direct your visitors down a path.

A quality website needs to have a call-to-action feature, as this can help increase your conversion rate by a large margin. The call-to-action feature can be used to build a mailing list, give out coupon prices or make an actual sale.

Call to action is a key marketing strategy; hence you need to have it as part of your website, and you have to implement it strategically too to get the best results


With new browsers emerging daily, building websites for a specific set of browser is a wrong approach. Quality websites ensure that they are compatible across browsers used by users.

In the real sense, do not build for one browser, but build to ensure compatibility across various browsers.

Error Page

Building a fancy error page is one quality you shouldn’t ignore.

Ensure errors are well handled on your website, and rather than showing a code report on a user’s screen, replace this with a fancy error page that keeps the users engaged. If you are aware of an error not well handled, go ahead and fix it right away.


The uptime rate of your website is another quality to take into consideration. Users want to be sure they can trust you and rely on you whenever they need you. Downtime on your website has the potential to drive away users, and even if you do come back up and running, it becomes difficult to regain their trust.


The security level of your website is paramount to the users. A good website must ensure proper security measures are in place to shield it from hackers.

If your website is insecure, do not expect users to keep their information with you, neither will they trust you enough to make use of your website.


Search Engine Optimization is a crucial part of a quality website, so ensure your website follows SEO rules and guidelines.

A website with a poor code structure won’t fair well when it comes to SEO, which reduces the ability to attract traffic from external sources and search engines correctly.


The above eleven key points are the qualities a website should at least have; they are essential to a website’s survival and its growth. One way or the other, your website has a flaw, and one you’ll most likely discover a flaw from these qualities, find them and fix them. Need help? Ask! We’re always here for you.

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