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10 Freelance Platforms To Make Money Online In 2019

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For many people, making money online selling services is one of the things they hope to do one day but they never get to it. It can be daunting to completely depend on the internet for income but making money online as a side hustle never hurt anyone. This short article will introduce you to the top freelance platforms to make money online this year.

Fiverr is a marketplace with a wide range of services and professionals who can make as much as $20,000 per month. If you’re a content writer, WordPress expert, illustrator, virtual assistant, translator, voiceover actor, etc, you can make money online selling services on Fiverr. Fiverr will take a 20% cut on every gig you sell but it has enough legitimate jobs to make you overlook that. One advantage you may find impressive is that it is probably the easiest freelance platform for newbies, you can send up to 10 bids per day, increasing your chances of landing gigs.

Upwork is one of the top freelance platforms to make money online selling services because freelancers go through a strict verification process before being able to sell their services in the marketplace. That makes it more trusted by buyers, they believe that the freelancers selling services on Upwork are up to the task. It has several categories for professionals looking to freelance or work on a contract base, including more traditional professionals like attorneys, civil engineers etc. They take 20% cut on every earnings but they have a huge array of high paying gigs that kind of make up for it.

People Per Hour
People Per Hour (PPH) is like Fiverr, although new. You can make money online selling services like copywriting, marketing, guest blogging, web designing, etc. It also takes 20% on every project done with an exception for sellers who bring their buyers to the freelance platform. In other words, if you have a good client, you can send him or her a link to create a PPH account. PPH won’t take any cut on all projects your client gives you. Another impressive thing about PPH is that you can withdraw your profits almost immediately after your clients approve the projects you did for them, no two weeks pending clearance before being able to withdraw funds.

Behance is particularly for creative freelancers who are looking to make money online selling services like designing and video editing. So, if you consider yourself a pro at designing, you should create a portfolio on Behance and start getting project invites.

This is also one of the top freelance platforms to make money online. It is a niche marketplace; startups, business owners and individuals who need designers see it as a reputable platform for designers. You stand a higher chance of getting regular designing gigs on 99Design than general services freelance platforms.

If you are a software developer or an app developer, Gigster is certainly one of the top freelance platforms to make money online. It is a tech marketplace popular among Silicon Valley idealists. When you create an account on Gigster, you stand the chance of landing major gigs.

This is a niche marketplace for WordPress experts to make money online selling services. Since WordPress is the biggest CMS provider in the world, there are several needs for WordPress experts and high chances of getting gigs.

Every top professional, business owners, managers etc, need personal assistants to help with boring scheduling tasks like booking flights, paying bills, fixing meeting dates, etc. This is what a virtual assistant does. Zirtual is one of the top freelance platforms to make money online if you can work as a personal assistant by helping with boring administrative tasks.

Indeed is one of the top freelance platforms with a unique style, it has a database of all the jobs available on the internet. As a freelancer, you can search for jobs within your city, a company you would like to work for, job title or keyword.

If you are an expert in a field that can be taught online then you can make money online selling services on Udemy. Create a course of your teachings in basic English or any other language, upload it on Udemy, add a price tag and start getting paid for your knowledge.

In the end

We believe that any skillful person who is patient and value-oriented can use these top freelance platforms to make money online. You too can have an online side hustle!

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